A Review Of Panda Antivirus

panda antivirusThe existing version of Panda Antivirus Pro offers many additional features that are often only included in more costly formats. In conditions of overall performance and support, nevertheless, the protection plan lags behind your competition.

The software company Panda Security has been developing innovative programs for protecting the computer against viruses, malware, Trojans and additional Internet threats for almost 20 years. Key security items in its portfolio include the Panda Antivirus Pro security suite .

In comparison to its predecessors, the existing version of the protection program not only convinces with a cautious scan system, but also with new additional features – including a firewall and Wi-Fi protection, which gives a solid protection against network attacks.

Good grades in the most important antivirus tests

Overall, the security performance of the current version is ranked positively by independent test laboratories. In the Real World Test of the AV-Comparatives Institute , the above-average recognition rate of 100 percent easily withstands evaluation with best players such as Bitdefender , Kaspersky or Norton . Just partially pleasing, however, is the rating of AV-Check . In the category “protective effect”, the independent laboratory awards the virus scanner the maximum rating of 6 points. Deficits, however, Panda Antivirus Pro based on the reviewers in the category “speed”, where the antivirus software scored only 3.5 points.

Different scan types and a helpful cloud

Above all, the program owes its above-average protection efficiency to its reliable virus scanner features. To quickly detect infections, spyware, Trojans, and various other malware, Panda’s system runs on the cloud-based data source . The team of Panda improvements virus definitions included there regularly, so that the virus detected in the newest and previously unknown threats instantly and eliminated.

If an individual wants to check his hard drive for digital intruders, he has many options. Panda Antivirus Pro has a complete scan that completely scours your PC for malware. In terms of speed, Panda Antivirus Pro lags behind the top antivirus products. With a data volume of 40 gigabytes on the hard disk drive, the entire search takes between 10 and a quarter-hour, but for competition such as for example Norton Security and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus , this generally takes significantly less than ten minutes. The load on computer resources, however, can be in the appropriate range with about 30 percent of the CPU.

In the event that you just want to do a quick check up on your PC, you may use the quick scan , which just scrutinizes highly delicate processes and applications. With the custom virus scanner offers Panda Antivirus Plus also an study of specific folders and data files.

While it is normally gratifying that such an attribute is available for targeted investigations, regrettably it does not handle perfectly. If an individual really wants to examine a document or a folder of questionable articles separately, he has to create the road to the document consuming himself, which occasionally takes a lot of time. Additional anti-virus programs rather provide a convenient scan folder, in which the files to end up being examined by copy-and-paste or even by drag-and-drop imported.

Firewall covered

A big strength of panda internet security lies in the considerable additional equipment. The program scores right here with browser safety that monitors users’ activities on the Web and helps to keep fraudulent phishing sites in check. Also very practical is the built-in firewall , which regulates the data exchange with the network.

Below the corresponding functional area, an individual selects the network type between the choices “Home”, “Workplace” and “Public location”, the tool then instantly adjusts the degree of safety of the function to the network.

An even more dependable shield against digital episodes is assured by the firewall when it works with Wi-Fi protection . The excess feature, which should be manually enabled in Configurations, evaluates the protection of the web gain access to that the pc has connected to. If the network proves to end up being vulnerable, the security will respond immediately and assist the user in taking the necessary security measures.

Thrive Quiz Builder Guide

With the Thrive Quiz Builder, you can playfully win new customers or re-segment existing lists. But with a quiz you additionally have a totally new form of content on your own page, which also works very well on the interpersonal channels.

thrive quiz builderThrive Themes is one of the greats when it comes to top quality plugins for WordPress. Especially Thrive Prospects and the Content Builder rely on all rivals. I can’t say much about their styles, as I have not used some of them however. But there would be a product test present directly …

The Quiz Builder is certainly probably the most extensive on the WordPress market. That is always the claim of the manufacturers.

But the tool was not built solely because of the quizzes. Thrive specializes in generating leads. That’s what this WordPress Quiz plugin is all about .

quiz maker helps you increase your reach and get new customers.

Well-made quizzes always have the potential to go viral. We’ve known this for a long time, specifically on Facebook.

You can constantly combine your quiz with Thrive Leads to create a fresh email subscriber following the puzzle.

Or sell your product.

Create quiz

After clicking Put New Quiz , you can select a template for list building or interpersonal shares .

Alternatively, you can even start your quiz openly. Without a template.

List building

This template can be optimized to gather new email subscribers. The reader can only just start to see the result page if it’s registered together with your newsletter.

Social shares

You want more shares for your web page, or an article, then choose this template. The results web page displays social talk about buttons which means that your quiz can be shared and get more coverage.

The next step is to provide a name to the quiz. This is actually the part created.

Just how Important Is Web site design?

web development in nycIn this article I will be writing about website design , how it affects sales, and how it compares in importance to additional areas of Website Administration. Lets list the various areas of owning or managing a Website.

Web domain: How important is the domain name you select for your Website? Many people say it isn’t essential at all, yet I have number one listings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN for the key phrases that precisely match my domain name. It matters a lot.

You need a domain name that fits keywords and phrases you will also use in your Website that people are looking for. Many people believe their firm name ought to be their domain name. Should you have lots of money for advertising to make your organization name something people search for, I agree with you. If you don’t have that ad budget, then you require a generic domain name that is a phrase people currently search for.

Internet Hosting: How important is selecting the most appropriate Web Hosting Provider for your Website? Again, this is important in many ways. You need your site to load fast. If your site loads gradual, people will leave without buying anything. Additionally you need to select a Web Hosting Provider that gives great tech support. There are a lot more points to consider when choosing a good Web Hosting Assistance, but be sure you rate this high on your set of things that are important to your site.

Web Design: How important is Website Design? Your Website must look professional and reliable to be able to create buyer confidence. A badly designed Website will cost you sales. However, and this may be the part that web designers will hate me for, it is not as important as many of the various other aspects of Website ownership and management.

Many web designers know nothing at all about search engine optimization, picking a good domain name, hosting, Website advertising, or other problems. They only know design. That is a good thing for me, but they should allow their customers know they are a developer and cannot help their Site be competitive available on the market. Yes, there are some designers that know more than just style, but many do not. Keep this at heart.

A beautiful Website that gets no traffic and makes no cash might as well end up being an ugly Website. An ugly Website that has traffic and makes money gets more gorgeous by the dollar.

Search Engine Optimization: How essential is normally SEO to my Website? Vitally important! Again, many web designers have no idea how to correctly optimize a Website for the various search engines. It is necessary to have somebody who specializes in SEO to go over your site and make sure it is prepared to get crawled and indexed by the various search engines.

There was a period when SEO was all-inclusive with link building, Website promotion, search engine marketing, etc. Moments have changed relatively and the various search engines have become more difficult, so today many people focus on certain aspects of SEO.

I determine SEO as coding the web site properly, writing text message that contains the correct amount and right keywords and key phrases, internet search engine submissions, plus some link building techniques.

Search Engine Marketing: What’s SEM and how essential is this to my Website? Search Engine Marketing by my own definition is marketing your site through Google Adwords, MSN AdCenter, and other keyword purchasing applications in addition to purchasing links, advertisements, and sponsored listings.

Again, many people are specializing in an area they be successful with nowadays. I am very proficient at SEO, but I have limited knowledge with SEM. Therefore, I could make your Website prepared to be crawled, do link building, and write text message that can help you attract good search engine rank and visitors, but I would not really be the man you’ll hire to control your Adwords system.

Website Promotion: Another category with a relationship to SEO and SEM. How important is certainly this category? In my opinion it tops the list. What is Website Advertising? This category includes Article Marketing, Press Releases, Link Recognition, Buying Visitors, Blogging, Forum Publishing and more.

Why perform I consider it more important? Initial, none of the things mentioned here can stand-alone. You have to consider most of the different aspects as important. However, se’s change constantly. Based on search engines for all or the majority of your visitors and sales is putting your life in Google’s hands essentially since they take into account 60% of most searches now.

If you are comfortable with one business having that very much control over how you do on the internet, then ignore Internet site promotion and simply perform SEO and SEM. You need traffic from many different sources if you want to be successful. That method if one resource dies out, you aren’t affected nearly just as much as someone who only experienced one or a few sources of traffic would be.

Focus on traffic generation from every resource you can. Post responses in Blogs and Forums linked to your topic. That means in fact join the discussion boards or blogs and actually try the conversations generally there and post quality remarks. Be beneficial to people at the forums and websites. Ask questions. No-one will mind a link in your SIG series goes to your Website is you certainly are a real participant. If they do object at that time, find a new place to join.

Start your very own Blog page. You can put up two in the event that you actually want to reap the benefits of Blogging. A Blog page inside your domain name or on a subdomain will help you add fresh content to your site more often. That supports the SEO. You can create a Blog page on another domain name and promote links to webpages within your Website and benefit from a little link reputation while also giving customers another way to find your site. Doorway webpages used to become the ideal solution. Blogs on their own domain name possess replaced doorway pages as the ideal solution.

MARKETING WITH ARTICLES means writing and submitting articles and submitting them to article directory sites, writing quality content and offering them to topic-relative high-visitors Websites as unique content, and press releases certainly are a great way to obtain traffic that builds hyperlink popularity aswell. The traffic you get from individuals who read your article are many more times more likely to convert to a sale than the traffic you obtain from se’s.

How To Choose StrongVPN

strongvpn com reviewsThe US-based VPN provider StrongVPN is actually among the top class and popular VPN providers. But, despite having an adequate privacy policy (at least on paper), we were quite unimpressed by their overall attitude to privacy, and they are in for a call for an assertive stance over filesharing. A lack of transparency about technical safety, mixed with a reluctance to chat about details, tarnishes our impression. StrongVPN, however, has developed positively in terms of price, and yes it should be a good VPN provider for China, thus we’ve looked a little closer.

Features and prices

As previously mentioned, StrongVPN has developed positively in pricing. In case they used to be among the most expensive providers on the VPN market, they’re currently moving in the area of ??their competitors. The offer includes the following 3 packages, which essentially differ in the countries available and the number of VPN servers. All packages have unlimited traffic and you don’t see any speed restrictions.

Lite Package:

The Lite package includes only VPN servers in the US, but with 329 servers with OpenVPN protocol and 220 servers with PPTP protocol, spread across 14 US cities. The price tag for the Lite package is 1dolar1 6.25 per month.

Specific Package:

This system is the cheapest offer from StrongVPN and is definitely recommended by us. The system includes 261 PPTP servers and 319 OpenVPN servers. The server locations are distributed to the Usa, Canada, Great Britain and the Netherlands. The package stands out with a monthly price of only 4.58 1dolar1 clearly from comparable offers of other offerers.

Deluxe Package:

The words probably suggests that this’s the top package of StrongVPN. The deluxe bundle includes server locations in 21 countries and forty six cities, with a total of 207 PPTP servers and 455 OpenVPN servers. The cost of the StrongVPN Deluxe package is more expensive at 1dolar1 12.92, however, it also meets the requirements of most users.

The site and customer service

The website of Strong VPN is pleasant in design and also the modern design is also optimized for mobile devices. Consequently, all information on the website can be retrieved quite easily with the smartphone or perhaps tablet. Though the site is only offered in English, the info is well understood with English basic knowledge, particularly as it is usually supported by helpful graphics. For this purpose, a forum and a blog are contained on the site, in which constantly new info to features or perhaps to the enterprise are to be received.

The customer service at StrongVPN is absolutely convincing and he says he is available 24 hours 1 day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. A strong promise, and at least the 24/7 accessibility we can confirm. As for the competence of the service staff, we can endorse the customer service without hesitation. Should an employee falter in case of a problem, eg since it’s trully exotic, the callback will be made available by an expert. You can achieve the customer service on the classic techniques such as e-mail, live chat, Skype, as well as via the contact form on the site. There’s also a large section explaining in detail how StrongVPN is successfully installed under a number of systems. The help and FAQ section is readily available in 4 languages

privacy and Security

StrongVPN has, at least on paper, a robust privacy policy and does not claim to store log files. While observing our regular duties, do not record or save any customer VPN activity. We don’t save details about Internet traffic, which includes visited web pages, downloaded documents, etc. Nevertheless, we store the following data:

Time, date and location of the VPN connection

Duration of the VPN connection

Used bandwidth during the connection

This info is cyclical on the servers of ours. This information enables strongvpn to enforce the Terms of Service against spam, criminal use of the Service, etc. If there is a violation, we work with these log documents to determine which account is actually committing the violation. After in depth analysis of this information we are going to discontinue service and / or possibly take further action’ We do not generally see log files, however, the point that StrongVPN, while performing our regular duties,..’ does not log files via the web activity created by his subscribers would be to be welcomed. But, it is a bit contradictory that StrongVPN has the reputation to react very strictly to file sharing. If a copyright infringement is recognized, they issue a warning before the service is actually discontinued. In the field of specialized security, the information is actually a bit confusing because many servers make use of everything from 128-bit Blowfiosh encryption to 256 bit AES. We asked for more information, but the technician did not seem to be in a position to offer it. There’s no chance to select the encryption level or perhaps what encryption you are currently using. This is not really sufficient in our opinion. or which encryption you currently use. This is not really sufficient in our opinion. or even which encryption you currently use. This’s not really enough in our opinion.

Choosing VPNArea Is Simple

VPN Area joins the type of VPNs that provide a rich infrastructure of VPN servers. In the VPN provider check , we looked at this VPN service a little closer.

About VPN Area

Behind VPN Area stands the business Offshore Security LTD, which is headquartered in Bulgaria. The personal hosting of the web site and the e-mail addresses is managed in Switzerland. With that one wants to differentiate oneself from the VPN providers from the USA and THE UK – also by the no-log policy.

VPN servers can be found in more than forty countries. This currently extensive presence wants to be additional expanded. VPN Area works with Blowfish / AES encryption.

Log-free VPN

vpnarea claims to be a log-free VPN. In the conditions of use you will see the following declaration about the VPN activities of each user: “We do not monitor, usually do not record , nor save.”

The business is authorized in Bulgaria. That is subject to the laws of this country. Of course, it is important that the VPN is not used for illegal or criminal activities.


VPN Area comes with an amazingly extensive server landscape and infrastructure.

One is certainly represented with own VPN servers in over forty countries (further expansion is planned):

Certain servers may also be used for torrent. However, VPN Region indicates that copyright infringement isn’t allowed.


The VPN servers of VPN Area use the following protocols:

OpenVPN pptp / l2tp


Windows software

VPN Area provides the Chameleon software program with great features for Home windows.

Highlights include:

Speed ​​Test:

You can view the speed to all or any servers via a ping

User online:

You can view if various other users are connected to the server. If not, you may use the server for yourself

Automated IP Transposer

Changes the IP easily

VPN Area can be utilized for Mac products with the Viscosity VPN client app. Another app is in progress. Viscosity operates on Mac pc OS X (10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 & 10.9+).

For Android along with iPhone and iPad OpenVPN Connect is recommended. For Linux a corresponding OpenVPN software is to be used (Ubuntu / Debian).


1 month: $ 10.90

6 months: $ 50.00

12 months: $ 59.00

How To Choose SaferVPN

SaferVPN is definitely a VPN provider that is out there since 2010. The start of the company was to create state surveillance measures impossible and thus to safeguard the rights to personal privacy of citizens. Today, SaferVPN can be globally positioned and provides locations in more than 30 different countries.

safervpn reviewSaferVPN is perfect for:

Streaming – Television & Video Online obtain in high stable quality

Good security & anonymity on the web

Protected data transfers without log document storage (data retention)

Perfect even though traveling or abroad

Anonymous secure communication over the Internet

High protection on all products (Windows, Mac OSX, Google android, Apple iOS + others)

Filesharing / document sharing use

Easy application straight through the Google Chrome internet browser extension!

Cost – efficiency

The company Safer Social Ltd. Tel Aviv is among the most trusted vendors on the market and generally keeps an vision on privacy and customer privacy. Another big advantage is that even with shorter advance payments (from 1 month) you always pay a very fair price, as the difference between shorter and longer binding isn’t so great.

SaferVPN could be tested a day for free!

You can attempt safervpn free trial free of charge every day and night by installing the software and creating a new user directly in “Create Account”. The software is after that released cost-free every day and night without payment. We also wrote a short instruction to it. ” Try SaferVPN for free “

Video streaming

As much of our readers also use VPN services for streaming , of course this is also true with regards to typical payment suppliers such as for example Netflix, Sky, Amazon Video , and almost always there is a point we are able to see very clearly. SaferVPN is currently not really blocked by Amazon Video and Sky and is normally therefore perfect for it. NETFLIX is about USA server but not Germany. There are also information regarding this here: ” VPN for Netflix “

Obviously one escapes thus also ” unjustified warnings ” when using free of charge streaming portals.

Tip: Streaming is made very easy in the web browser, since SaferVPN also offers an “extension” directly for the Chrome browser. Because of this, you certainly do not need to install VPN software on your own device.

The real advantage of SaferVPN may be the simplicity that makes it super easy even untrained to connect via the VPN connections to other countries and then with very good speed even domestic TV stations or Amazon video, ZDF, ARD or other TV / Watch video streaming providers.

SaferVPN for document sharing / torrent / downloads

SaferVPN can be utilized by many today for the use of file sharing. You can also achieve very good speeds and is usually therefore appropriate without reservations. However, we recommend using servers in Russia or Netherlands, Switzerland or Sweden, these provide a very good acceleration.

In order to create an optimal download ratio for the users, the servers in Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden are suggested. As we understand it, most users and the servers provide exceptional speed and total secure deposit against complaints.

Panda VPN Tips

Panda VPN is Panda Security’s new VPN service, most widely known for its flagship Panda Antivirus. So it’s another antivirus heavyweight launching a 2-in-1 answer: Antivirus and Virtual Private Network (VPN). Let’s have a look at this intuitive VPN, which has integrated safety with few technical features.

vpn pandaPanda VPN experience: a reputable antivirus remedy with integrated VPN

Let’s start this panda antivirus with an undeniable fact: More and more often, antivirus suppliers are looking for a virtual personal network, furthermore to their basic service. Like Avast . Some of them decide to utilize a specialist in this region . Others prefer to develop their personal solutions internally . Since it is vital that you note that antivirus and VPN complement one another. Because the 1st protects your device and the next protects your web connection. But both secure your privacy!

On the one hand, it makes sense to integrate both security services in a single software. For instance, some VPNs may not be compatible with some antivirus or firewalls . But this type of solution can resolve the problem and make the work easier for users .

On the other hand, an all-in-one option for experienced users might not be enough . Because every business offers strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes yet another feature will offer limited benefits over the true offer.

So, how about Panda Security VPN ? To avoid errors, the company has decided to partner with HotSpot Shield. And I would like to remind you that is among the marketplace leaders in the VPN market . For example, Panda Antivirus (long-standing innovator in the antivirus marketplace) now offers a very reasonably priced VPN .

Panda Antivirus VPN: Plans and Prices

The price is comparable to top-end VPNs. And the annual membership to Panda VPN is very competitive. Because not only can you enjoy a very good VPN services, but also get an antivirus safety! And also all the related software items, such as the USB peripheral gadget control or the data recovery kit.

Not to mention that you can connect 5 devices at the same time to protect all of your devices.

Panda VPN Experience – Features

Oh man! When I started writing this Panda VPN experience , I was able to view US Netflix and also stream Netflix. And I was assured that this could be a good alternative. But I examined it again today before publishing. And it did not work anymore … So, unfortunately, I can’t recommend this VPN in case you are a Netflix subscriber. Of training course … you’d better appear at “my Netflix VPN” to be sure you get the thing you need.

Panda VPN and local TV

Besides the reality that Netflix can not work, you can not watch BBC and iPlayer either. But I managed to see SRT without any complications. And the streaming quality was great without buffers. It’s too poor that the servers were locked. Hopefully they’ll fix that soon. However, in case you are a globetrotter who would like a fix of the neighborhood partner, you should choose another provider …

The Advantages Of ZenMate VPN

zenmate for chromeZenMate can be a Berlin-based VPN provider, which strives to provide high data protection and ease of use.

The young StartUp firm from Berlin, will go already well-known ways and will be offering VPN predicated on the PPTP and OpenVPN process. A distinguishing feature is the personal and German customer support.

You can use zenmate on almost all devices, it really is noteworthy there are also extensions directly for all main browsers. What’s not obviously and obviously communicated in this context is that in the browser extensions ONLY the info that is in fact delivered or received via the web browser use the secure connections. All the applications are moving it by.

ZenMate uses “proxy server” for anonymization. Although they are basically a tried and tested means, they also mean that the users must trust the service provider 100%, because they are able to view and conserve all transmitted data. Therefore we usually do not suggest using ZenMate for the anonymous utilization of the web, but only for video and streaming tasks.

What is a proxy?

“Proxy” means proxy and fundamentally a proxy server is nothing at all else. It mediates between a Personal computer and the net server so that there is no direct connection between your sender and the recipient. This is often about the call of a particular site, but also about the download of data files in the network. In principle, imaginable a proxy ip server such as a courier. It transmits information between the sender and the recipient without the need for personal contact.

The risk through proxy server.

However, this also means that ZenMate, as the operator of the proxy server, can view, save or actually maniupilize 100% of most contents of most data that exceed that. Regular VPN service will not do that, because this data simply “routes” forward so and don’t spend as an “intermediary program” against the goals of the info.

The ZenMate High quality version includes:

Access to a lot more than 20 different VPN locations (countries)

Full Desktop Set up (As typical with all the VPN services)

The entire data traffic of the device is normally directed via zenmate

Up to 5 devices can be used simultaneously

Integrated phishing security, advertisement blocking / tracking safety.

No speed limits

No data limit

Prices and tariffs:

1 month € 7.99

(and can be canceled monthly)

6 months € 44.99

(that is € 7.49 / month)

12 months € 59.99

(that’s € 4.99 / month)

Privacy with ZenMate

ZenMate provides some features that obscure the identification. In the free version, however, this is limited to make use of in the user’s browser. Connections are made via encrypted stations via proxies. These are relatively easy to undo and the operating system and all installed applications or browser plug-ins can openly transmit their own IP address and various other private information unencrypted. It is therefore roughly seen that just a simple protection of your respective identification is guaranteed.

IPvanish – What Is It?

The IPVanish VPN provider has only been mixed up in VPN market since 2012, which makes it a relatively young VPN provider. However, IPVanish is usually a novice only as a business, because behind the business is a group with 15 years of encounter in IT and IT protection management. The presence of IPVanish is definitely similarly distributed across European countries and THE UNITED STATES. A feature that the company shares with very few VPN providers.

ipvanish reviewEven more regarding IPVanish

The experience of the group is obviously reflected in the overall performance of the product. The VPN convinces with swiftness, security and also the technical support is first class. IPVanish makes high demands on itself: “Our goal is to own best VPN service – with the best speeds, the safest connections, the best support and the best prices.

Maybe ipvanish vpn has not yet reached most of its self-imposed goals, in the fairly small amount of time since its founding, but they have were able to provide such a competitive VPN that they are currently among our favorites. With this they provide for most internet surfers the services they expect. It should be considered that they still possess a lot of growth potential as youthful entrepreneurs, which depends upon the needs of their users.

Logging deleted

A clear transmission in this direction, was the decision to delete the logging of visitors (observe: IPVanish deletes logging of traffic ), which is large in the stomach of some users who benefit privacy.

IPVanish also shows great understanding because of its users across the continents, because of its strong international concentrate, and adjusts the global give accordingly. In addition, IPVanish knows the requirements of users across continents and its own offerings through its international reach also have the ability to align it precisely on a worldwide level.

IPVanish has complete control of its infrastructure

What is the meaning of this for his or her users? First and foremost, the IPVanish group will do their absolute best to meet up the requirements of our customers. This ensures that everyone gets the privacy that matters to them, and that you also reach those websites that are important to you.

Particularly noteworthy is definitely IPVanish that they work with an infrastructure that’s owned by the business. Consequently, there is also full control. This is an important point explaining why IPVanish is among the fastest and most reliable VPN companies in the world. They also provide some useful extra features, and so are also among the cheaper providers.

An Unbiased View of Tunnelbear

bear vpnToday, even the occasional user may become a target for hackers , malware and viruses. And let’s remember that many governments around the world now allow their ISPs to gather and record their data at their personal discretion. Not only that, they force you to do it.

Nor will the data they gather lie around in a warehouse, but rather be analyzed by government analysts . Some ISPs actually sell your data to advertisers to earn more money for themselves.

As you can see, surfing the web is no more safe these days. Especially without safety. VPNs are known to be the best kind of protection you can have, and that’s the reason we will discuss one of them today. The VPN is named TunnelBear , and it’s a fairly charmer. So continue reading and find out what this company is about.

TunnelBear analysis

tunnel bear is a relatively minimalist VPN company . He does his best to provide a good program to the needy and specializes in assisting people without a VPN experience. This makes it simple for both newcomers and long-established people to stay safe with computer systems and modern technology.

The vendor will provide you decent protection at a comparatively low price , particularly if going for an annual package deal. TunnelBear can be known for his sense of humor and, most importantly, for his love of bears. It offers some uncommon features that are ideal for small server network.

In addition, there is no need to get worried about logging because this service provider stores only minimal data that contains just connection logs . All in all, it’s an excellent start if you’re uncertain when you can navigate a VPN. Given that you know what you’re getting into, let’s go deeper and discover what this vendor provides in detail.

Prices and plans

TunnelBear provides three different payment programs. This is one of the best types of how strong the impact of bears is with this provider. To remain along with his image, the programs are:




THE TINY Bear is a free of charge program offering limited utilization of 500 MB of data per month . Despite having the free plan, you can access any server other than Australia. This means that you won’t lose the range just because you aren’t spending money on the service.

The protection is still alright, and in the event that’s good enough for you, it’s great. If not really, you can at least use it as a probationary period and check the service. Furthermore, there happens to be the possibility to say TunnelBear VPN on your Twitter and get yourself a whole GB of free data.

Next we have the Giant Bear bundle. That is a monthly package and you get unlimited data in exchange. The price is $ 9.99 per month , so reasonably priced. The best bargain, however, is the annual plan, also referred to as the Grizzly Bear Plan (Badass bear like Godzilla, but with lasers! How cool can be that ?!). It’s just $ 4.99 per month , this means it’s $ 59.88 for a complete year .

The choice is yours, but if you opt for a one-year subscription, you’ll simply save half the money you would pay for the monthly subscription.

Also remember that there is absolutely no money-back warranty that is normally available from good VPN providers. However, this should not be considered a problem, especially due to the fact this provider in fact offers a complete free package.

You pays for the service by bank card or credit card . PayPal was an option, but it is no longer that which was sad news for most users. But if you like to spend with Bitcoin, which will work too.